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Make height-reducing cuts just above a tuft of foliage.

Mar 10, Pruning restores a full and compact look. Using hand pruners (never hedge shears), renew neglected clumps by cutting one-third of the main stalks to the ground every year for three years. Maintain a natural appearance by pruning each stalk to a different height, cutting back to a tuft of treedelimbing.clubted Reading Time: 50 secs.

Oct 25, While you can generally prune nandinas any time of the year, winter is the best time to prune.

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Not only is the plant dormant, but you can use the pruned stems in floral arrangements. The combination of bright green leaves and red berries is quite festive. If you cannot prune the nandina during winter, you can prune it during early spring before the white flowers develop. If you cut those 93%(45). Feb 27, February 26, plant. The best time to prune nandina is in winter, when it is dormant. As far as how, the folks at Texas A&M University recommend cutting about a quarter of the stems down to the ground.

Then cut a third of the total stem height off one out of every four remaining stems. Next, prune about one quarter of the stems two-third of the height of the treedelimbing.clubted Reading Time: 30 secs.

This works with any of the standard types, but you probably wouldn’t want to do it to nana nandinas. Do this pruning in late January or early February, before the new spring growth starts to emerge, and follow it up with an early spring feeding of a high-nitrogen, lawn-type fertilizer.

Jul 21, Typically, little or no pruning is needed on the more compact, tidy-shaped dwarf cultivars. The best time to prune living tissues is in mid- to late spring. Mar 21, The best time to prune is late winter/early spring, before the shrub starts to grow.

Nandina's growth habit is to produce tall, branchless stems that grow from the basal crown - it can't be trained to a softer, mounding habit like your other shrubs. To prune, cut one-thrid of the oldest, sprawling stems right back to the ground annually. Dec 09, Prevent nandina from becoming top heavy or developing a leggy appearance by cutting it back during late winter or early spring.

If you prune too far down the stem, the plant will look spindly and unappealing.

Many nandina enthusiasts prefer a layered look for this shrub. Aug 14, Get out the pruners or loppers in winter or early spring and begin. Start by cutting back heavenly bamboo canes.

Take out one-third of the total number at ground level, spacing those you remove evenly throughout the bush. Then, prune heavenly bamboo stalks – one-third of those remaining – to reduce their height.

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