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bellingham tree pruning, Ballwin MO TREE FELLING TECHNIQUES MANUAL. 2 This manual is an excerpt from the Forest Industry Safety and Training Before starting to cut, make sure no one is closer than two tree lengths away from felling operations.

5. Make a notch on all trees no matter how small the diameter. 6. Give a timely warning yell understood by all employees, just before. Prepare the felling area by clearing debris and obstacles from the base of. the tree establishing an escape route and eliminating potential hazards. Cut a notch using the open face or undercut method as described in.

the OSHA Logging Standard g 2 iii making the se. lection based on tree species size lean location and safety. The Tree Faller’s Manual is an essential handbook for forest operators and others who need to fell trees manually using a hand-held chainsaw. This manual builds on the information provided by the Chainsaw Operator’s Manual. Tree felling is a high risk activity. Many fatalities and serious injuries have occurred as a result of being struck by falling trees, dislodged tree limbs or other /5(8).

Special Techniques for Felling Difficult Trees» Unacceptable Practices for Felling Difficult Trees The top cut is the first of two cuts that result in an open faced notch. The notch is made on the side of the tree that faces the direction you want it to fall. includes advice on planning, the five tree felling plan, the seven causes of harm, tree driving and wind-throw and machine assisted felling.

01 PRINCIPAL AND CONTRACTOR 03 HARVEST PLAN 04 HAZARD MANAGEMENT 05 HEALTH AND SAFETY SYSTEM05 02 CONTRACTOR AND CREW07 PLANNING 08 FIVE STEP TREE FELLING PLAN May 17, tree cutting techniques: manual Recognize and think of a safe but workable feeling scheme based on visual observation. Pay attention to all relevant factors: the area where the trees are planted, where the wind blows, where the trees are inclined, what species they are, and what terrain features they have.

correct felling techniques. Tree felling training usually happens on the job and includes: hazard identification, safety instruction, health and safety rules, and environmental compliance.» RULE The employer must ensure that a competent person is in charge of each operation, who must supervise and ensure work is supervised and performed.

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